Westerland can be very tough in onshore winds to get out, due to the shore break. From 3-4m big waves with lots of power to small choppy waves. 3m tide. Be aware of long rock lines (ca. 20m into the sea) every 100-200m from Westerland to Kampen. You can't see them during high tide! But they are marked with a sign on the beach. Strong current when it's coming from South or North.

Women & Men
Wave is considered the supreme discipline of windsurfing. It combines wave riding with windsurfing. Fascinating wave rides and spectacular jumps are required when athletes compete in the WAVE discipline. Whether tabletop, front- or backloop, pushloop and tweaked pushloop, the maneuvers in wave are countless and the more fancy and perfectly executed, the more points the judges will award. In the competition, two or four windsurfers compete against each other. This provides extra excitement and lots of action on the water. How long a heat (race) lasts and which maneuvers have to be shown and are evaluated is determined by the jury before each round.

On Sylt the WORLD CHAMPION in the discipline FREESTYLE will be determined. Burner, Flaka, Flaka - one-handed, Air Halse, Gozzada, Puneta, Caesar Throw, Diabolo, Free Willy, Grubby, Lollypop, Spock, Culo, Air Flaka. These terms are not the newest first names, but tricks that belong to the standard program of the freestylers on Sylt. Freestyle is about maneuvers that are preferably done on ''flat water'' or over smaller waves. The more unimaginable the feasibility of the maneuver, the higher the rating. Variety, technique and style are evaluated. Decisive are the variety of different maneuvers and their perfection in execution during a heat.

This discipline is going through its greatest development for over a decade. The races now take place in winds as low as 5 knots. Competitors can choose to race with their raceboard with fins or with a hydrofoil board and a foil fin. This guarantees opportunities for tactical decisions as the wind increases, similar to the choice of tires in Formula 1. The new format will make racing possible at events almost every day and provide exciting high-speed action.



  1. Adrien Bosson, F-296
  2. Amado Vrieswijk, NB-20
  3. Antoine Albert, NC-21
  4. Antoine Martin, F-193
  5. Antony Ruenes, F-85
  6. Balz Muller, SUI-21
  7. Bodhi Kempen, H-242
  8. Corto Dumond, NC-26
  9. Dieter Van der Eyken, B-35
  10. Elton (Taty) Frans, NB-9
  11. Jacopo Testa, ITA-261
  12. Lennart Neubauer, GRE-734
  13. Liam Dunkerbeck Morales, E-11
  14. Marco Vinante, I-205
  15. Marino Gil Gherardi, E-959
  16. Niclas Nebelung, G-584
  17. Nicolas Akgazciyan, F-400
  18. Rasmus Oegelund, D-22
  19. Sam Esteve, F-79
  20. Steven Van Broeckhoven, B-72
  21. Takuma Sugi, J-7
  22. Takumi Moriya, J-171
  23. Thomas Traversa, F-3
  24. Yentel Caers, B-16
  25. Youp Schmit, NB-12



  1. Akira Kudo, JPN-9
  2. Alexandre Cousin, FRA-752
  3. Alexis Mathis, FRA-997
  4. Amado Vrieswijk, NB-20
  5. Benoit Merceur, FRA-1159
  6. Bob van de Burgt, NED-737
  7. Bruno Martini, ITA-160
  8. Cedric Bordes, FRA-91
  9. Daniele Benedetti, ITA-60
  10. Elton (Taty) Frans, NB-9
  11. Ennio dal Pont, ITA-465
  12. Enrico Marotti, CRO-401
  13. Hugo Sjoberg, SWE-45
  14. Ingmar Daldorf, NED-191
  15. Jimmy Thieme, F-888
  16. Johan Soe, DEN-37
  17. Jordy Vonk, NED-69
  18. Lars Poggemann, GER-730
  19. Lohan Jules, FRA-1052
  20. Lucas Guiraud, F-2
  21. Maciek Rutkowski, POL-23
  22. Malte Reuscher, GER-777
  23. Mateus Isaac, BRA-7
  24. Matteo Iachino, ITA-140
  25. Michele Becker, GER-277
  26. Nicolas Goyard, F-465
  27. Nicolas Prien, GER-7
  28. Pierre Macquaert, FRA-945
  29. Pierre Mortefon, F-14
  30. Rytis Jasiunas, LTU-7
  31. Scotty Stallman, GBR-68
  32. Sebastian Koerdel, GER-220
  33. Sebastian Kornum, DEN-24
  34. William Huppert, FRA-330



  1. Adam Warchol, Pol-111
  2. Adrien Bosson, F-296
  3. Alessio Stillrich, E-95
  4. Alexandre Grand-Guillot, F-585
  5. Antoine Albert, NC-21
  6. Antoine Martin, F-193
  7. Antony Ruenes, F-85
  8. Arthur Arutkin, F-7
  9. Corto Dumond, NC-26
  10. Dieter Van der Eyken, B-35
  11. Federico Morisio, I-676
  12. Graham Ezzy, USA-1
  13. Henri Kolberg, G-45
  14. Jules Denel, FRA-41
  15. Julian Salmonn, G-901
  16. Laurin Schmuth, G-878
  17. Leon Jamaer, G-208
  18. Liam Dunkerbeck Morales, E-11
  19. Marc Pare, E-334
  20. Marcilio  Browne, BRA-105
  21. Marino Gil Gherardi, E-959
  22. Michael Friedl Morales, E-255
  23. Miguel Chapuis, E-99
  24. Morgan Noireaux, HI-101
  25. Nick Spangenberg, G-141
  26. Ricardo Campello, V-111
  27. Robby Swift, K-89
  28. Simon Thule, DEN-134
  29. Takuma Sugi, J-7
  30. Thomas Traversa, F-3
  31. Titouan Flechet, F-47
  32. Victor Fernandez, E-42



  1. Caroline Weber, G-118
  2. Justyna Sniady, POL-1111
  3. Lina Erpenstein, G-423
  4. Line Bang Wittrup, D-82
  5. Maria Behrens, G-209
  6. Marine Hunter, FRA-181
  7. Sarah-Quita Offringa, ARU-91
  8. Sol Degrieck, B-5
  9. Steffi Wahl, G-303
  10. Sybille Bode, G-128

Professional Windsurfers Association

The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) stands for excellence in windsurfing. Its current and former members are among the best windsurfers in the world. The PWA, are the windsurfers who represent the sport at the highest level and strive to improve daily and make windsurfing more visible and attractive to the public.

The PWA organizes and sanctions professional events, establishes new rules for the sport, promotes grassroots growth, strengthens ties between existing associations, classes and disciplines of windsurfing, and provides support and services to all windsurfers.

Click here to visit the PWA Asscociation page.

World Sailing

World Sailing is the world governing body for the sport of sailing, officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The PWA is as a member of World Sailing and authorized to hold a World Championship. This is then a World Sailing Special Event.

If you want to know more about the World Sailing Organization, click on the following link sailing.org